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NAC Beneficiary Profiling Tamarisk Autism School in partnership with Marimba Education Foundation


All our tutorial videos can be viewed on our YouTube Channel by clicking the links below :

Tutorial 1 Introduction & Tonal Range

Tutorial 2 Piccalo

Tutorial 3 Soprano

Tutorial 4 Tenor

Tutorial 5 Baritone

Tutorial 6 Maimbo Piccalo

Tutorial 7 Maimbo Soprano

Tutorial 8 Maimbo Tenor

Tutorial 9 Maimbo Baritone

Tutorial 10 Maimbo Full Band

Tutorial 11 Waka Waka Piccalo

Tutorial 12    Waka Waka Soprano

Tutorial 13 Waka Waka Tenor

Tutorial 14 Waka Waka Baritone

Tutorial 15 Waka Waka Full Band

Tutorial 16 Ndifuna Wena Piccalo

Tutorial 17  Ndifuna Wena Soprano

Tutorial 18 Ndifuna Wena Tenor

Tutorial 19 Ndifuna Wena Baritone

Tutorial 20 Ndifuna Wena Full Band

Tutorial 21 eKWANONGOMA Piccalo

Tutorial 22  eKWANONGOMA Soprano

Tutorial 23 eKWANONGOMA Tenor

Tutorial 24 eKWANONGOMA Baritone

Tutorial 25 eKWANONGOMA Full Band

Tutorial 26 Medley Piccalo

Tutorial 27 Medley Soprano

Tutorial 28 Medley Tenor

Tutorial 29 Medley Baritone

Tutorial 30 Medley Full Band

Tutorial 31    Bella Ciao Piccalo

Tutorial 32    Bella Ciao Soprano

Tutorial 33    Bella Ciao  Tenor

Tutorial 34    Bella Ciao Baritone

Tutorial 35  Bella Ciao        Full Band

Tutorial 36 Jerusalema Piccalo

Tutorial 37 Jerusalema Soprano

Tutorial 38 Jerusalema  Tenor

Tutorial 39 Jerusalema Baritone

Tutorial 40 Jerusalema    Full Band

Tutorial 41 Student Lesson 1

Tutorial 42 Student Lesson 2

Tutorial 43 Teacher Lesson

Buzz – A Marimba Story


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